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The Importance of Dental X-Rays for Children

It is essential for children to undergo regular dental X-rays, as many dental problems cannot be detected by simply examining the mouth. Our dentists use X-rays to evaluate the growth and development of your child's permanent teeth, detect decay or cavities in between teeth, diagnose gum disease, and assess the status of any current orthodontic treatments.

Latest Technology for Safe and Effective X-Rays

At Smart Pediatric Dentistry, we use the latest digital X-ray technology, which is both safe and effective. Digital X-rays emit much less radiation compared to traditional X-rays and provide us with detailed, high-resolution images of your child's dental structure. These images are stored electronically, making it easier for our dentists to monitor any changes over time and provide accurate diagnoses and treatments.

Frequency of X-Rays for Children

The frequency of X-rays for children depends on their individual dental needs and health. Our dentists will advise you on the recommended frequency for your child based on their age, dental history, and overall health. Regular X-rays are an essential component of your child's comprehensive dental care program and help us to maintain their dental health and wellbeing.

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